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Preserved Flowers Resin Bookend Set

Sale price$340.00

Turn your flowers into forever keepsakes with our resin flower preservation.

At Bloomy Days, we take your beautiful fresh or dried flowers and preserve them using a unique process to maintain their colour and shape. Then, we set them into resin for a forever keepsake.

This resin bookend set includes Flower Preserving & Casting. Every piece is handmade and one-of-a-kind, telling a story of joy and beauty that will last for generations. Small ‘imperfections’ such as micro bubbles, uneven edging due to the moulds, or small cavities can be normal. These don’t detract from the overall piece, they are just signatures of handmade items not produced in factories.

Let Bloomy Days help you create something special for yourself or a loved one.

Size: H13.5cm x W11cm x D6.5cm

Secure your flower preservation date.

We only take a certain number of bookings each week, so don't delay.

If you know you'd like to use our flower preservation services, but are unsure exactly the pieces you're after, the most important step is to pay the preservation deposit to secure your date in our preservation calendar. We will contact you to confirm your order the week of your booking date.

The minimum flower preservation order is $150.


How long does it take? What extras can you add? We’ve answered (almost all) your questions here.

Preserved Flowers Resin Bookend Set
Preserved Flowers Resin Bookend Set Sale price$340.00