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Resin Flower Preservation

Our range of resin pieces keeps your wedding flowers in your home, not just in your heart. We’ll preserve your blooms to retain their beauty and capture them forever in crystal-clear resin.

Due to the time required to meticulously preserve each flower, we can only preserve a limited number of orders each week. If you’re looking to preserve your wedding bouquet, please book early to secure your date.

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Secure My Date Deposit - Preservation Deposit (framing & resin)
Preserved Flowers Resin ArchesPreserved Flowers Resin Arches
Preserved Flowers Resin Arches
Sale priceFrom $320.00
Preserved Flowers Resin Ring HolderPreserved Flowers Resin Ring Holder
Preserved Flowers Round Resin Coaster Sets - ThickPreserved Flowers Round Resin Coaster Sets - Thick
Preserved Flowers Round Resin Coaster Sets - Thick
Sale priceFrom $160.00
Preserved Flowers Resin Jewellery TraysPreserved Flowers Resin Jewellery Trays
Preserved Flowers Resin Heart Ring Dish - SmallPreserved Flowers Resin Heart Ring Dish - Small
Preserved Flowers Resin HexagonsPreserved Flowers Resin Hexagons
Preserved Flowers Resin Hexagons
Sale priceFrom $340.00
Preserved Flowers Resin Teddy Bear - SmallPreserved Flowers Resin Teddy Bear - Small
Preserved Flowers Resin Teddy Bear - Small
Sale price$45.00
Preserved Flowers Individual Resin LettersPreserved Flowers Individual Resin Letters
Preserved Flowers Individual Resin Letters
Sale priceFrom $200.00
Preserved Flowers Resin Bookend SetPreserved Flowers Resin Bookend Set
Preserved Flowers Resin Heart - MediumPreserved Flowers Resin Heart - Medium
Preserved Flowers Resin Square - LargePreserved Flowers Resin Square - Large
Preserved Flowers Resin Square - Large
Sale priceFrom $400.00
Preserved Flowers Resin RectanglesPreserved Flowers Resin Rectangles
Preserved Flowers Resin Rectangles
Sale priceFrom $350.00
Preserved Flowers Resin Hair ClipsPreserved Flowers Resin Hair Clips
Preserved Flowers Resin Hair Clips
Sale price$50.00
Preserved Flowers Resin Square - PetitePreserved Flowers Resin Square - Petite
Preserved Flowers Resin Square - Petite
Sale priceFrom $150.00
Flower Preservation Gift VoucherFlower Preservation Gift Voucher
Flower Preservation Gift Voucher
Sale priceFrom $100.00

Before & After

New Love Blooms

We love transforming your wedding day flowers into a piece you’ll treasure forever. From blooming bouquets to works of art, these before and after shots capture the beauty and magic of what we do.

Resin Flower Preservation

Frequently Asked Questions

More about our Resin Flower Preservation

Our resin flower preservation process retains the delicate nature of each flower, keeping their colour and structure. Each design is carefully arranged, with inspiration flowing from your flowers and chosen resin style. Once everything is perfectly placed, the flowers are submerged in clear resin, transforming them into a one-of-a-kind, bespoke keepsake.

While wedding bouquets are our most popular resin creation, we happily preserve all kinds of flowers - birthday blooms, memorial flowers, or even just a sweet little posy picked from your yard by a little love. Captured forever in resin, these pieces become a memento of these heartfelt occasions that you can enjoy every day. With our range of styles continuing to blossom, your hardest decision will be which statement piece to choose.